Hispanic First, Digital Media Company Adsmovil Connects Brands with Multigenerational Hispanic Audiences

The minority-owned company has experienced impressive achievements across various fronts in the last two years, including an extraordinary 105% growth in revenue. 

  • Adsmovil reaches over 65% of the total Hispanic digital population, according to ComScore’s Hispanic Ad Focus Mobile Report  
  • The media company expanded its network to more than 2500 premium English and Spanish language publishers and introduced a successful Digital Out of Home solution. 

Adsmovil, a minority-owned, Hispanic first, digital media company, has become an essential partner for brands seeking to resonate across the multigenerational Hispanic Market. Over the past two years, the company has seen phenomenal growth, more than doubling its U.S. revenue at an extraordinary 105% increase. A trusted and innovative leader in the industry, Adsmovil aims to continue its growth and profitability while remaining committed to serving the diverse Hispanic community, which holds significant market influence with 64 million individuals and $2.8 trillion in market value. 

From 2021-2023, Adsmovil has expanded its reach to cover 65% of the total Hispanic digital population (24.4 million users), catering to diverse cultures, acculturation levels, generations, and language proficiencies (ComScore MoMX Target Trend, Total Mobile 18+, Mobile Web & App, November 2023). The company has achieved this with tiered offerings, including precise targeting and custom opportunities. Adsmovil also added over a hundred exclusive or non-exclusive publishers, expanding its network to 2500 premium digital publishers in the U.S., Latin America, and Spain. 

Innovation remains a key focus for Adsmovil, as it successfully introduced a Digital Out of Home (OOH) solution in Hispanic retailers to better serve both the Hispanic community and partner brands. This move strengthened the company’s presence in heavily Hispanic areas, where cultural and linguistic relevance are critical for success, again demonstrating its commitment to engage Hispanics wherever they are on their journey: in language and in culture – across the U.S. 

Adsmovil’s achievements extend beyond revenue growth, with a 31% increase in its labor force. While other tech companies have downsized their teams, Adsmovil has reinforced its Sales, Ad Ops and Client Services departments. 

Environmental responsibility is a priority for Adsmovil, as the company continues its commitment to carbon neutrality. It has also taken significant steps to measure and counteract the carbon footprint of its clients’ digital campaigns. Adsmovil is partnering with Scope 3, the advertising industry’s leading source of data on supply chain emissions, to understand and quantify the impact generated by the energy consumed by servers that deploy and deliver advertisers’ ads. To proactively offset these emissions, Adsmovil has committed to planting 100,000 trees over the next three years through its partnership with the Saving the Amazon foundation.

Alberto Pardo, CEO and Co-Founder of Adsmovil, shared his contentment with the company’s achievements, declaring, “Adsmovil has exceeded its goals over the past two years, affirming the significant value of investing in the Hispanic digital market. Moving forward, Adsmovil is committed to continually adapting to the evolving composition, needs, and practices of our market to better serve our audience. Our focus will remain on driving innovation, promoting inclusivity, and making a positive impact not only within the digital media landscape it operates but also contributing to the environmental sustainability of our planet.”

Adsmovil’s bold and unapologetic leader in digital transformation and e-commerce commands widespread respect for his strategic vision and proven track record in launching successful start-ups that champion innovation and drive cultural evolution. Pardo, a certified and passionate aviator, and motorcycle enthusiast, effortlessly integrates the disciplined and determined ethos from his unconventional hobbies into his business approach, foresight, and every undertaking. He is dedicated to the pursuit of building and enhancing shareholder value.

“Adsmovil’s remarkable growth stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the US Hispanic community. Their ongoing pursuit of innovation extends not only within their established platforms but also into diversifying media channels. As a highly regarded partner, they exhibit a profound comprehension of the intricate dynamics of the marketplace,” stated Stephen Paez, EVP, Multicultural Investment and Innovation, Publicis Media.

Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Digital Innovation, Walton Isaacson added: “As an enterprise, Adsmovil possesses that rare combination of cultural acumen, a commitment to the continued advancement in technology, and an unwavering eye for the consumer. It’s also flanked by a passionate crew of Advertising and Media personnel.  It’s their pursuit of the modern Latino/a that serves as the separator.  Since the beginning of the partnership, they have been a necessary catalyst for growth and expansion of our client’s business.”

About Adsmovil

Minority-owned and certified, Adsmovil, a trusted, Hispanic first, digital media company super-serves this multi-generational cohort with tiered offerings, including precise targeting and custom opportunities. The company reaches more than half (65%) of the total Hispanic digital population across cultural diversity and acculturation levels and has direct relationships with over 2500 digital premium publishers in the US, LATAM and Spain. Its omni-channel offering spans screens and languages, and the company houses full production capabilities, via Adsmovil Studios.  The company consistently ranks at the top within ComScore’s Hispanic Ad Focus Mobile Reporting. Adsmovil was founded in 2012 by its CEO, Alberto Pardo, and is based in Miami, FL. It is an environmentally aware business committed to reducing its carbon footprint to create a greener, more sustainable future.


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