Hispanic, Digital First, Media Company, Adsmovil, to Utilize Scope3 Data to Measure the Carbon Emissions Footprint of Digital Ad Campaigns

Adsmovil is committed to expanding sustainable practices within the Hispanic advertising community.

Hispanic, digital first, multimedia company Adsmovil, a leading multiplatform solution for advertisers, announced today its plans to use Scope3 emissions data via Lumen Research. Scope3 is the industry’s leading source of advertising supply chain emissions data. This new endeavor will allow Adsmovil to calculate and measure the carbon footprint of its clients’ digital campaigns, from creation to end-user interaction, in video and display, including rich media through Adsmovil’s DSP.

Digital advertising contributes 80% of the carbon emitted by brand marketing, even though it is only 50% of the spend. According to Scope3’s State of Sustainable Advertising, digital advertising (including display advertising and streaming) emits 7.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, the equivalent of yearly electricity usage for 1.4 million U.S. households.

To diminish the impact of these emissions, Adsmovil partnered with the Saving the Amazon Foundation to offer advertisers and agencies carbon neutral campaigns, by compensating for campaign emissions being measured through the reforestation of the Amazon. Saving The Amazon is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of the Amazon by planting trees with the help of local indigenous communities through a monitored tree adoption and planting program. The Amazon is the single largest tropical rainforest in the world that regulates rainfall throughout America and absorbs 10% of the Earth’s carbon. It is also the most biologically diverse place on Earth and home to over 350 indigenous groups.

Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder of Adsmovil, stated, “We at Adsmovil have been committed to restoring our ecosystem since our inception. Our offices have always been virtual in order to emit fewer greenhouse gases. Our support of Saving the Amazon is an extension of our original commitment, contributing to both climate mitigation and food security. Through this new undertaking, we plan to plant 100,000 trees within the next three years to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients’ digital ad campaigns and contribute to the conservation of our planet.” He added “Our commitment to the Earth continues to expand and evolve, and leveraging Scope3 data to measure our clients’ ad campaigns is a natural next step forward.”

With a population of 64 million and purchasing power of $2.7 trillion, Hispanic advertising and marketing spend is expected to continue to grow this year, making the issue of carbon emissions a significant one. Adsmovil is dedicated to both expanding sustainable practices in the Hispanic advertising industry and encouraging other companies to join their efforts in reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

About Adsmovil:

Minority-owned and certified, Adsmovil, a Hispanic, digital first, multimedia company super-serves this multi-generational cohort with tiered offerings, including precise targeting and custom opportunities. The company reaches more than half (65%) of the total Hispanic digital population across cultural diversity and acculturation levels and has direct relationships with over 2500 digital premium publishers in the US, LATAM and Spain. Its omni-channel offering spans screens and languages, and the company houses full production capabilities, via Adsmovil Studios.  The company consistently ranks at the top within ComScore’s Hispanic Ad Focus Mobile Reporting. Adsmovil was founded in 2012 by its CEO, Alberto Pardo, and is based in Miami, FL. It is an environmentally aware business committed to reducing its carbon footprint to create a greener, more sustainable future.


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