El Confidencial joins Adsmovil’s portfolio of Hispanic publishers

El Confidencial joins Adsmovil’s portfolio of Hispanic publishers

Adsmovil continues to expand its portfolio of publishers and increase its reach to the Hispanic audience, this time signing an agreement with El Confidencial, the leading digital newspaper among Spanish executives and entrepreneurs, and Vanitatis, the ideal complement with lifestyle content and premium social chronicles, to monetize its inventory in the US. 

Sofía Unanue, Supply Director of Adsmovil emphasized the importance of having El Confidencial and Vanitatis in the network of publishers of the company, which guarantees advertisers a greater reach among the Hispanic audience, having the possibility of running digital ads with traditional and high impact formats such as Takeovers, Interstitials, Sponsorships that guarantees 100% SOV and that run both on its website and mobile applications.

Brands will be certain that their ads will appear in the midst of high quality content from both El Confidencial and Vanitatis, produced by independent, rigorous, responsible and cutting-edge journalism that also works under the pillars of truth, trend, influence and entertainment. With an editorial offer in a wide variety of sections including politics, economy, sustainability, business, legal, technology, food, health, culture, sports, motor, fashion, beauty, society, living, guides and lifestyle.

The digital newspaper has more than 20 million unique users, with influence among all generations: 17% Generation Z (15-34), 20% Millennials (35-44), 25% Generation X (45-54) and 38% Silver (+55); and with a greater reach among women reaching 11.2 million and 9.4 million men.

Saul Diaz Moreno, Ad Operations & Programmatic at El Confidencial comments that their choice to partner with Adsmovil is based on the company’s recognition and positioning as a reference in the U.S. Hispanic market, “so we hope to increase and better monetize our traffic with this audience”.


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