Leading pioneer in Hispanic mobile advertising and digital media company wrapped up 2022 with noteworthy milestones. 

Adsmovil, a minority-owned and certified leading pioneer in the Hispanic mobile advertising and digital media arena, today announced major business accomplishments as a result of both its Minority Owned Business Certification and its commitment from agency partners and brands to further invest in the expanding Hispanic market. Additionally, the company remains stalwart in its pledge to be a force for good and continues to support environmental causes, as evidenced by its partnership with the Saving the Amazon foundation.

Recognized as the #1 Digital Hispanic Audience Reach company by Comscore, Adsmovil solidified its position once again, as the leading Hispanic mobile marketing network in the U.S. Part of this success can be attributed to its unparalleled growth in the Hispanic digital market space evidenced by the fact that it nearly doubled its Hispanic user reach from 13.8 to 24.4 million users, or 69% of the total Hispanic digital market. This growth has been powered, in large part, by leading agency partners and brands who are committed to super-serving the Hispanic market in both word and deed.

The company used its additional investments to successfully launch Nuestra.TV, a free AVOD streaming service, with more than 20+ FAST channels and 15,000+ hours of premium video-on-demand (VOD) content that reflects the full breadth and diversity of the Hispanic community. As part of Adsmovil, Nuestra.TV is also committed to creating a positive impact, and in supporting minority-owned content producers across race and sexual orientation.

One of the major wins in 2022 for the streamer was its campaign to empower Latina women to use their talents by co-creating Latina-generated content such as “Latina Approved: Buen Provecho” and showcasing the “MariVi: Master Navigator” series, soon to launch exclusively on Nuestra.TV. The platform also offers premium educational programming with the goal of both entertaining and empowering its diverse Hispanic audiences, and continues to work with Hispanic and Latino producers to bring authentic programs to market.

Adsmovil can attribute almost 50% of its additional revenue to its MBE certification.The company doubled the size of its business in 2022, hiring many first and second generation immigrants, and establishing a workforce that’s 70% female. This growth then powered Adsmovil’s expansion to support additional small, minority and non-minority owned publishers from LATAM, Spain and the U.S., doubling its supply. Some of these publishers had been struggling with the financial upheaval that continues to occur in the marketplace, and some were small and needed the technology and tools to assist them in monetizing their offerings, something Adsmovil provided. Additionally the revenue from certification helped Adsmovil grow its screens and offerings in innovative ways.

“The MBE certification along with the incredible efforts from our agency partners has really driven results. As a career MCM marketer, it’s refreshing to see this renewed sense of genuine collaboration and commitment that hasn’t existed in the past. Our partners are having honest conversations about their obstacles and directing a path forward, ensuring that our product roadmaps are informed by relevant and strategic rationale. The MBE certification has opened many doors and our agency partners have done a great job in guiding and supporting us through this evolution,” said Jessica Ricaurte, Chief Revenue Officer, Adsmovil. 

“Combining the expanded access that the MBE certification enables with an expanded offer and new products, Adsmovil is demonstrating its commitment to serving the market at all levels, and is helping to elevate diverse media as a whole in investment decisioning,” said Michael Roca, Managing Director, DE&I Investment, Omnicom Media Group.

“Adsmovil’s growth is a testament to the industry, the marketplace, and the renewed interest in investing in multicultural America, and the Hispanic market in particular. Their multi-screen platform offers advertisers an innovative and comprehensive way to reach Hispanics across generations, languages, and devices,” stated Stephen Paez, EVP Director, Spark Foundry.

Ronald Mendez, EVP, Cultural Investment & Strategy Lead, Essence Media, added: “It’s important for all minority owned and certified companies to give back to their community. Adsmovil is a great example of a company that has used its certification for the greater good, supporting minorities throughout the media ecosystem in a tangible and meaningful manner. We value our partnership tremendously.”


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