Sprint and RedMas Partnered for a Targeted Mobile Advertising Platform

Sprint unveiled their new mobile-advertising platform, Pinsight Media+ for which they partnered with Adsmovil, the Hispanic mobile ad network connecting brands with the Latino mobile user.

Pinsight Media+, is a new advertising service that gives advertisers the power to reach consumers on their mobile device in a more personalized way.

With Pinsight Media+, Sprint will be able to not only target the general market but also   their important Hispanic mobile consumer base. Throughout this important partnership with RedMas, Sprint can effectively connect the mobile ad platform with third-party publishing partners such as GolTV, Televisa, Univision, Telemundo, Grupo GDA, Grupo OPSA, to mentioned a few.

The new program allows Sprint’s customers to choose whether they would like to share anonymous information about the way they use their mobile device. Targeted ads will appear on Sprint-owned and -operated properties, such as online and mobile; Sprint Web on-deck portal for mobile; and Sprint Zone, as well as third-party publisher properties. Sprint customers will continue to see advertisements online and in ad-supported applications and content, regardless of whether they have opted in to receive usage-based targeted ads. The targeted ads will be more relevant to the user’s personal interests.

Pinsight Media+ platform may well be the first of several new nontraditional revenue streams for Sprint.