Adsmovil wins Smarties awards for Location Based & Brand Awareness ads created using Celtra technology

Written by Cristy Ebert in 

This week we caught up with our partner Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder of Adsmovil, to discuss the success they saw utilizing Celtra’s Programmatic Creative for their client Juan Valdez Coffee.

Celtra: So, tell us about Adsmovil:

Alberto: Adsmovil started as the premium mobile platform advertising network with the greatest reach in Latin America and Hispanic audiences in the United States. We have overseas offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, as well as U.S. cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Through innovative solutions in Ad Tech, we develop mobile advertising campaigns which improve interaction between brands and consumers.

Within the range of products offered there are different formats in Display and Rich Media, Native Ads, Video, Geolocation, programmatic buying through our DSP, the Mobile Ad Exchange (SSP), and the ability to create specific audiences based on DATA using our DMP.

Celtra: How long have you worked with Celtra?

Alberto: AdsMovil has been a partner of Celtra for over 5 years. We utilize Celtra’s AdCreator platform for our Rich Media formats on our Mobile Display and Video campaigns. We’ve grown in the US and most recently in key markets, such as Mexico and Brazil and hope to continue to expand by utilizing Celtra’s new programmatic capabilities and Interactive video product.

Celtra: Congratulations on your Smarties Awards! Can you give us a brief description of the winning ads and campaigns? Specifically, what formats did you use?

Alberto: Our client, Juan Valdez Coffee, wanted to increase in-store visits and purchases by offering an interactive experience that delighted and surprised their consumers.

Our goal was to customize the creative elements of the campaign to be relevant for the moment we encounter people, taking into consideration location and time of day. We accomplished this using Celtra’s Programmatic Creative. We used a consistent creative concept with different product messaging, based on the weather. Using weather relevant creatives, we created two interactive mobile ad units that allowed us to show ads featuring hot coffee beverages to consumers who were in rainy/cold conditions and cold drinks to those in sunny/warm weather.

We also displayed four separate options for messaging and images based on time of day. This included content that would be appealing for Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and a Nighttime treat and would show the respective ads at the corresponding times.

We used Celtra’s Nearby feature in both creatives to show the distance between the user and the nearest Juan Valdez Coffee location.

It was the perfect opportunity to prove how innovative Juan Valdez Coffee is to their consumers, to keep the products top of mind, and to drive people into the stores.

Celtra: Why was the mobile element so important to the success of the campaign?

Alberto: Without the ability to target users on their mobile phones, we could have never personalized the ads they saw. We created two interactive mobile ad units that allowed us to connect two important factors between our customers and the brand: weather and time of day. These situational data points were determined by the user’s device and location at a specific moment of time.

Celtra: What were the successes from the dynamic campaigns?

Alberto: The campaign issued more than 300,000 impressions, achieved more than 5% of engagement between users and the brand, and drove more than 6,000 clicks on the banner with 5+ seconds of interaction. During the runtime of the campaign, Adsmovil increased store visits to Juan Valdez locations, increasing sales and consumption of products offered on the banners.

And of course, winning the Smarties awards was a pretty nice bonus!

Celtra: Tell us about the process of creating the banner ads – What did you like about Celtra’s AdCreator and creative options?

Alberto: We could quickly create several different variants within a single creative, saving hours of production time. Celtra’s Programmatic Creative complemented our media strategy and simplified our media targeting by reducing placements and ensuring users received a message that is more reflective of their current surroundings, and therefore more effective.

Celtra: What are you most looking forward to with expanded use of Programmatic Creative?

Alberto: The ability to leverage real-time data feeds and create a set of rules that govern how a creative appears to each consumer throughout the campaign will greatly reduce the amount of time we spent building and updating ads. We’re also excited to start using the A/B testing feature so that we can advise our clients on the creative choices that drive campaign performance.

Celtra: Thank you for your time Alberto. We look forward to seeing even more innovative campaigns from Adsmovil.