Adsmovil Helps Juan Valdez Draw Customers Into Stores

Adsmovil recently won two medals from the Mobile Marketing Association for the same campaign. The rich-media “At Any Moment and Anywhere with Juan Valdez Coffee” campaign inspired residents of Bogota, Colombia to stop in to nearby Juan Valdez cafés for a cup of coffee.

By combining geolocation (finding people within a 500-meter radius of 25 Juan Valdez cafés in Bogota City) with data on local weather (so ads could offer cold drinks in locations where the weather was warm, and hot drinks where it was cooler and/or raining), and using Dynamic Creative Optimization to tailor each message to both weather and time of day, the campaign exceeded expectations. It raised engagement more than 5%, and earned more than 6,000 clicks on the banner from consumers who interacted with it for more than five seconds each. Best of all, the campaign increased visits to Juan Valdez coffee shops.

«Juan Valdez is always looking to connect with its consumers in unique and relevant ways,” said Juan Valdez Communications Manager Johanna Gonzalez Giraldo. “Thanks to Adsmovil’s use of mobile technology, we were able to be very innovative, and the increase in store visits showed that our message was relevant, too. We were able to reach our customers at the right time, in the right place, with an effective message.”

The campaign’s cross-category success inspired the Mobile Marketing Association to award it a silver medal in LATAM Location Based and a bronze in LATAM Brand Awareness.

Readers can watch a brief video about the campaign here:

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