Tutorial – How to insert clicktag in simple banners

Obs: todo material HTML5 necessita de imagem backup com peso inferior a 200kb’s dentro da raiz do zip;

Tutorial – How to insert clicktag in simple banners

1. Insert the script call below into the head tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2. Insert the code below as close as possible to the opening of the body tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
	function checkInit() {
		if (!EB.isInitialized()) {
			EB.addEventListener(EBG.EventName.EB_INITIALIZED, onInit); // This code checks whether the EB object is initialized, if the object is initialized, it launches the function "onInit", otherwise it registers to the "EB_INITIALIZED" event.
		} else {
	function onInit() {
		// --- ATENÇÃO ---
		// Insira aqui a função que inicializa a animação
	window.onload = function(){ checkInit(); };

3. Insert the function below in the click of the element that will direct the user to the final URL.
ATTENTION – It is not necessary to enter the destination URL or () function:

EB.clickthrough ();

<div id="banner" onclick="EB.clickthrough();" style="cursor:pointer;"></div>